SocialPilot vs Buffer [2024]: Which is the Best Platform?

SocialPilot vs Buffer Which is the Best Platform

Are you looking for SocialPilot vs Buffer comparisons? Well, you’ve landed in the right page. Today, we’re going to compare both social media management tools to find the best one.

Social networking sites play a vital role in traffic generation and product sales. Create engaging posts and interact with followers regularly to build a strong network around your brand. Identify your target audience and customize marketing strategies to attract more visitors.

Sharing content at the peak time help you to drive more user engagements and traffic. Design professional-quality graphics for different networks to improve your campaign reachability. Monitor performance and make changes in plans if necessary. To perform all these tasks, you need an all-rounder social media management tool.

SocialPilot and Buffer are highly recommended marketing solutions. They are affordable and easy to manage. Being integrated to all leading social sites, you can promote products and content almost anywhere using them. In this article, we’ll analyze both these tools and compare their features to find the best one.

Let us get started.

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What is SocialPilot?


SocialPilot is a popular social media marketing tool for professionals and businesses. It helps you to schedule and recycle content, analyze traffic trends, and respond to social media messages from one place.

If you are going to create campaigns for your own websites or client projects, SocialPilot is a good choice. With its grouping feature, you can create groups for each project and add unique social sharing accounts to them. Add team members and invite clients to ensure a smooth marketing workflow in your organization.

SocialPilot allows you to create and run campaigns in three ways—dashboard, mobile apps, and through the browser extension. It will analyze your user engagements and suggests optimal timings to get maximum clicks on your shares. From content scheduling to monitoring to message management, SocialPilot brings all relevant tools under one roof.

It supports Facebook (pages and groups), Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn (profiles and pages), Instagram (Direct publishing), Google My Business, Tumblr, and TikTok for sharing.

SocialPilot has a 14-days free trial and fast customer support.

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Key Features of SocialPilot

SocialPilot is a powerful tool to automate your social media promotions. It helps you create free and paid marketing campaigns to generate maximum page visits.

These are the main features of SocialPilot,

  • Customizable social media posts
  • Bulk scheduling
  • URL Shortener
  • Instagram direct publishing
  • Content curation
  • Video posts
  • Multiple images per post
  • Audience targeting
  • Location targeting
  • Social media analytics
  • Social inbox
  • Canva integration
  • Reporting
  • Team management
  • Client management
  • Schedule and monitor Facebook ads
  • Mobile apps
  • 24/5 support

What is Buffer?


Buffer is a free social media management tool. It allows you to schedule posts, monitor engagements, and apply effective marketing tactics to increase your product sales.

With the free plan, you can connect up to 3 social media accounts and schedule up to 10 posts per channel. To remove restrictions, you should upgrade to a premium plan.

It automatically suggests the best times to share your post. But you can change it and set a separate schedule if needed. Buffer is an all-rounder tool for marketing and analytics. It tracks your promotional campaigns and lets you know how they perform across various channels. That way you can get a clear idea of where the mistakes are and how to improve the campaign.

Buffer supports Facebook (pages and groups), Twitter, LinkedIn (profiles and pages), Pinterest, TikTok, and Instagram for content automation.

They have a 14-days free trial and a fast customer support.

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Key Features of Buffer

Buffer is a free and simple marketing solution for small scale businesses. It lets you schedule posts and sell more products with efficient marketing campaigns.

Here are the key features of Buffer,

  • Customized social posts
  • Hashtag manager
  • Custom video thumbnails
  • Link shortener
  • Twitter hashtag suggestions
  • Instagram tagging
  • Facebook page mentions
  • Analytics
  • Audience demographics
  • Reporting
  • Team management
  • Integrations
  • Mobile apps
  • Customer support

SocialPilot vs Buffer: Comparison of Features

SocialPilot and Buffer are leading social media marketing tools. From scheduling content to tracking engagements, they help you to reduce your work load and bring more visitors from all referral sources.

Let us compare the features of SocialPilot and Buffer to pick the right marketing suite for your company,

1. Interface

SocialPilot dashboard

After signing up, you will see options to connect your favorite accounts to SocialPilot. Once you connected all your profiles, pages, boards, and groups, you can start scheduling posts.

It has a clean and easy to navigate interface. On the left pane, SocialPilot displays options to create and manage posts, create and manage groups, monitor analytics, read ad respond to messages, and so on. Click a top-level menu to view additional options.

From beginners to expert marketers, SocialPilot is super easy to use. No need to hire experienced employees to manage your marketing operations. You can do it yourself. But Social Pilot allows you to add more users and assign separate task to them, if needed.

Buffer dashboard

Buffer also has an addictive interface. Comparing to Hootsuite, it doesn’t create any confusion in you where to go and what to do next. On the top, it displays a menu bar to access publishing, analytics, and engagement tools.

All your connected accounts can be seen on the left pane with upcoming posts, sent posts, approvals, and queue settings. Buffer is clean and user-friendly. With it, you can create and manage marketing campaigns seamlessly.

2. Networks

SocialPilot networks

SocialPilot can promote your content on Facebook (pages & groups), Twitter, LinkedIn (profile & pages), Pinterest, Google Business, Instagram (Personal & Business), YouTube, and TikTok. It means that you will be able to run campaigns on all popular traffic channels with custom schedules.

Buffer networks

Buffer supports Facebook pages and groups, Twitter, Instagram Business accounts, LinkedIn profiles and pages, Pinterest, TikTok, Google Business, and Shopify for promotions. Connect accounts where you want to publish content and send posts by queue timings or at a specific time.

3. Publishing

SocialPilot publishing

Sign in to SocialPilot and head to Posts > Create post to schedule and publish your content. Enter your texts in the editor. SocialPilot automatically fetches your link and displays a post preview on the bottom.

By default, it will share your content with the direct link. But you can connect to a URL shortener service and shorten the link if needed.

Select your desired social accounts from the right sidebar.

In the bottom-left corner of your post editor, it shows options to upload custom images & videos, connect to Canva designer, add emojis, add GIFs, add audience targeting (LinkedIn), add tweet location, add UTM tracking, and add custom fields. On the top, there are options to customize your posts for each network. Enter a custom description and upload a different image or video to apply a custom touch to your shares.

Buffer publishing

Log in to Buffer and click ‘Create post’ to compose a social media post. Enter your texts and select networks to run campaigns. As you enter the link, Buffer will automatically convert it to a link. But you can change it through settings. It will also generate a post preview for each network.

Expand the editor to view additional options such as integrations, hashtag manager, and emojis. Buffer allows you to upload a custom image or video, and import them from your favorite cloud storage services.

Unfortunately, audience targeting and UTM tracking features are not available on Buffer. Similarly, you can’t tweet with a location using Buffer scheduler.

4. Content recycling

SocialPilot is a great choice to schedule and recycle your content automatically to drive more traffic. It allows you to repurpose content up to 10 times within a time range. E.g., 100 days.

SocialPilot recycle posts

After composing your post, click on the drop-down arrow that appears next to ‘Add to Queue’ button. Choose ‘Repeat posts’ from the list.

Set how many times you want to recycle the post. It will generate multiple schedules based on your choice. Change date and time if required.

Finally, click on Schedule to save.

That’s it.

Buffer content recycling

On the other hand, Buffer doesn’t have a content recycling option in the post editor. You have to open campaigns, locate a network post each time, and click on Share Again to re-schedule your content. Not having automated recycling can be very difficult for busy marketers. They have to find time each time to regenerate content for all networks.

5. Social Inbox


SocialPilot comes with a Social Inbox tool to read and respond to your private messages, and comments from one place. View DMs you received on Facebook pages, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google Business profiles without visiting respective accounts. It automatically syncs messages and comments within the last 30 days.

Assign team members to handle user queries, upload screenshots, add emojis, prioritize interactions, and much more. SocialPilot helps you to engage with your followers in a timely manner and convert them to your loyal customers in a step-by-step process.

Buffer engagement

Buffer is packed with a social media engagement tool to view your post comments and send replies. Unfortunately, you can’t check private messages through Buffer. It is a big drawback of this social media management tool.

Whether you are running a business or agency, you may get several queries from prospective buyers. Needless to say, checking their messages and replying promptly is imperative. I wonder why a prominent marketing tool like Buffer missed that part.

6. Instagram direct publishing

SocialPilot can schedule and publish on Instagram directly. It supports Business accounts for automated publishing and Personal accounts with mobile-based reminders. These are the main features of SocialPilot’s Instagram publishing,

  • Bulk scheduling
  • Image tagging
  • Add location
  • Content curation
  • Personalized caption
  • Schedule first comment
  • Emojis
  • Carousel posts
  • Custom fields
  • Videos
  • Adjust image aspect ratios
  • Image editor

Buffer can publish content on Instagram Business accounts only. It will schedule and publish images, videos, carousels, and reels directly. Instagram stories can also be published through reminders. These are other key attractions of Buffer’s Instagram publishing,

  • Instagram first comment
  • Hashtag manager
  • Best time to post
  • Instagram tagging
  • Shop grid to increase sales

7. Integrations

Both SocialPilot and Buffer are integrated with Canva to design beautiful social media graphics straight from your dashboard. Pick a template and start customizing it. When finished, click on Publish (or Add to Buffer) and it will be imported to your post editor.

SocialPilot is integrated with a couple of cloud storage and URL shortening services, and Zapier to enhance your workflow. They also have browser extensions (Chrome & Firefox), and mobile (iOS & Android) apps to schedule posts from almost anywhere.

Buffer has over 25 integrations to design engaging visuals, curate content, and automate your website posts.

8. Pricing

The basic plan at SocialPilot starts at $25.50 per month for 10 social media accounts. It will cost $42.50 (20 social accounts + 3 users), $85 (30 social accounts + 6 users), and $170 (50 social accounts + unlimited users) per month for other plans. You can also add unlimited clients in all subscription plans except the basic.

Buffer is free for up to 3 social accounts and 10 scheduled posts per account. Their premium pricing starts at $5/mo per channel. You can add a single user in this plan.

To add more users to your Buffer account, you should upgrade to a higher plan. It costs $10/mo per channel with unlimited users. They also have an agency plan which is available for $100/mo for 10 social channels.

SocialPilot vs Buffer: Which is the Best in 2023?

SocialPilot is an all-rounder social media management suite for businesses, agencies, and busy bloggers. Schedule and recycle your posts, monitor performance, engage with followers, and answer private messages you received on social sites. You can do all these things from a single dashboard, via browser tab or mobile apps.

Add team members and assign them separate tasks to ensure a smooth social media marketing workflow and boost conversions. Create groups to categorize your client accounts and run campaigns on them.

SocialPilot can promote your content and products on all leading networks including groups, pages, and profiles. It is possible to automate your campaigns on Facebook groups and Instagram Business accounts directly, and on TikTok through reminders. Buffer is good, but it misses several features that SocialPilot have.

14-days free trial and premium customer support are other advantages of SocialPilot subscription.

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