10 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools Every Business should Use


Social media marketing is not a single task. It’s a chain process that involves social media monitoring and listening also. Marketers should monitor the growth of their campaigns and listen to how people respond to them. It helps them to find mistakes and make changes in the campaigns according to the statistics delivered.

Social media marketing tools usually cover the monitoring part too. Without analytics, no marketing campaign will achieve its goal. Isn’t it?

Best Social Media Monitoring Tools 2021

In this article, we pick the 10 best social media monitoring tools every business should use to get guaranteed results.

1. Hootsuite


Hootsuite is a prominent social media monitoring tool that supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, Instagram, and YouTube accounts. It lets you track the brand mentions, keywords, followers, retweets, likes, lists, scheduled contents, and much more from a single screen.

Hootsuite also provides powerful analytics on your Twitter followers growth, engagement, Facebook page overview, LinkedIn page insights, Google traffic, URL click status, etc. You can download the reports in PDF, CSV formats, print or share with other team members to re-plan marketing strategies.

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2. Buzzsumo


Buzzsumo is a great social media reporting tool to get content ideas. It offers different types of services including keyword research, backlink check, competitor analysis, and social media monitoring. Buzzsumo tracks your brand mentions, keywords, competitors, specific authors, links to your site or any other site and sends you real-time alerts with a detailed report.

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3. Meltwater


Meltwater helps you to track media mentions and get the latest news that affects your industry or business. It will monitor your campaigns, analyze audience response, detect your major influencers and social media reach to measure your success. With Meltwater, you can quickly respond to social media conversations and drive them to profitable results.

With Meltwater, you can quickly respond to social media conversations and drive them to profitable results. Do you have some important news to share? It comes with features like the newsfeed, wires, social publishing, newsletters and in-depth reports to share your news with the press, social media or executives.

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4. Brand24


Brand24 is another social media monitoring tool for companies to monitor the web and detect potential sales opportunities. It will track your brand mentions and provides you instant access to them. So you can quickly react and respond to the comments made about your products or brand.

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5. TweetDeck


TweetDeck is my favorite platform to monitor all your Twitter activities from a single place. It is free and comes with an elegant interface to create and schedule tweets, check notifications, track mentions, retweets, and trending topics around the globe. I am using it for a long time especially to schedule tweets and track mentions which will make you addictive from the very first time.

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6. Mentionmapp


It’s a powerful social media reporting tool to discover great stuff in your Twitter account. Mentionmapp will check your conversations and brings details like who mentioned you most, top keywords or hashtags you used and interesting tweets. You can save and schedule those tweets to stay ahead of the trends.

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7. Google Alerts

Google Alerts is a free service from Google to monitor the web for interesting new content on any subject. Sign in with your Google account and enter a brand name, keyword or anything else which you want to track. Just sit and relax. Google will send you emails whenever the said word is mentioned on the web.

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8. Simply Measured


Measure the traffic generated from your social media campaigns, compare it with that of your competitors and know how to improve your engagement rate. Simply Measured monitor your brand mentions and delivers valuable insights on them like demographics, location, etc. You can use those statistical figures to target people of specific regions or interests in upcoming social media campaigns.

Simple Measured collects data from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube marketing channels & converts them to easy-to-use reports. It is a perfect companion for your business as it tracks your website activities in real-time and renders a detailed report on page views, time users spent on the site, bounce rate, popular URLs, referrals, etc.

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9. Mention


Get live updates about your brand from websites, blogs, forums, and social networking sites. Mention is a brilliant choice for social media monitoring to track everything on the web. It will monitor your brand, competitors, customers, campaigns, and the rest to manage your business goals.

Mention lets you thoroughly study the competition, explore new opportunities, prepare plans, and improve your reputation online.

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10. Brandwatch


Brandwatch is a highly flexible, efficient tool to monitor the success of your social media campaigns. It scans billions of live conversations and tells you about the mentions, topics, and keywords that affect your business. So you can quickly respond to your customers without any delay and solve their queries, complaints if any. It will also bring compelling insights about your market, influencers, competitors, and uncover hidden marketing secrets to grow your business.

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