How to Embed YouTube Video on Twitter

Social media sharing is a very important part of online marketing. One of the most popular platforms for sharing is Twitter. With a huge number of users, Twitter is a very useful platform for online promotion. In this post, we will check out how to share a YouTube video on Twitter for desktop, Android, and iOS devices.

There are multiple ways to embed a YouTube video in your tweets. Let us check them one by one.

How to share a YouTube Video on Twitter and Facebook?

Visit YouTube on your desktop browser.


Open a video that you want to share.

Click the share option. A pop-up box will open with social icons like Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, and many others. Tap the Twitter icon to connect to the microblogging site. It will automatically compose a tweet like this,


Just hit the Tweet button to share.

That’s it.

How to Embed a YouTube Video on Twitter (Alternative method)


This is another method to share a YouTube video with your followers on Twitter. Open a YouTube video and collect its URL from the address bar. 

Head to Twitter and tap the tweet button from the left pane of your home feed. Paste YouTube URL in the tweet box. Enter texts and add relevant hashtags if needed.


That’s it.

How to Embed a YouTube Video on Twitter (Android & iOS)

If you want to tweet a YouTube video from an Android or iOS device, here’s how it works.

Open YouTube App on your smartphone or tablet.

Open a video.

Locate and click the share button. A menu will pop up with options to share the video on leading social sites. You can also collect the video link from the same screen.

Click on tweet to share this video on Twitter. Sign in to Twitter and tweet to share.

That’s all.

How to Download Twitter Videos?

Do you want to download Twitter videos? It is very easy. Follow these steps to save a Twitter video on your computer.

Locate a video on Twitter.


Right click on it. Copy video address.

Visit any of these video downloader websites.

  2. Twitter Video Downloader

Enter your Twitter video URL. It will retrieve data and display download options for multiple video sizes. Choose a format and click on download to save it in your local storage.

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