The 6 Best Instagram Stalker Apps- Browse Instagram Anonymously

Best Instagram Stalker Apps- Browse Instagram Anonymously

Do you want to browse Instagram anonymously? Or do you want to check your blocked old friend’s profile without knowing them?

Don’t worry. You can access any Instagram account or even download posts using an Instagram stalker app. There are several apps in this category. They are free and allow you to spy on Instagram profiles easily. 

What is Instagram Stalker?

Instagram is a great place to share your personal photos and videos to collect feedback, comments, etc. According to the latest statistics, more than 1 billion people use it every month. The photo-sharing site also has 500 million daily active users. 

Even though, Instagram is not a good place if you are concerned about privacy. It takes maximum effort to protect your content and media. But the fact is that they have not become fruitful. 

Instagram doesn’t allow you to download photos and stories from the home feed. Still, many people download them with Instagram stalker apps or browser extensions. Can you detect and prevent such stalking activities?

No way. The Instagram stalker app is a web service to browse Instagram secretly without creating an account. So no one can track their activities. It prevents you to access user details who have accessed your profile and downloaded files. The truth is that even if someone sees your public photos with any browser extension, you will not know. 

All you have to do is pay attention when posting on social media. Sharing with the calculation that anyone can see your posts whether you follow them or not, so you can overcome any problems that may arise later.

Today, we list the 6 best Instagram stalker apps in this post. 

1. Ingramer


Ingramer is the #1 on the list. It is simple and lets you view Instagram posts, stories, and even monitor any account’s statistics anonymously. 

They have multiple tools to connect to various features. Collect IG username of your target user and paste it on the text box. Ingramer displays all their feed posts or stories on the next screen. View them on the full screen and download using either built-in options or the mouse’s right-click menu. 

2. Instalkr


Instalkr is another free app for stalking Instagram without an account. It too works in the same way. 

Enter the username to view his or her photos and stories. Instalkr can also uncover their likes, comments, following, and other advanced details. But for that, you should create a free account with them. 

3. Mystalk


Mystalk provides a Realistic Instagram browsing experience without having an account. Just enter a username and it will connect you to matching accounts instantly. 

No human verification is needed. Watch Instagram photos, stories, and videos whatever you want without letting know the user. You can also download files through the mouse menu. 

4. Analytics for Instagram Pro

Analytics for Instagram Pro is an iPhone app to monitor your followers on the photo-sharing site. It can’t say that who stalks on your Instagram profile but perfect to get full access to your follower statistics. 

Find who follows and unfollows you, who is your best follower based on their engagements, and who admires you secretly. Analyze your network in detail and find new friends even without visiting Instagram.

 It is one of the best tools to increase Instagram followers and boost your user engagements. 

5. InMyStalker

InMyStalker is a free Android app to find who stalks your Instagram profile. I have not yet tested this app, but it has a good reputation in Google PlayStore with nearly 40k 4-star ratings. 

Discover who visited your profile and viewed photos. If anyone started unfollowing you, get real-time notifications at no cost. 

The app has a clean and addictive interface. It provides detailed account statistics along with the progress and user tags. So you will know who is your best friend and who viewed your photos. There is 24/7 customer support to answer your queries as early as possible. 

6. InLog


InLog is another way to see who stalks your Instagram for free. It is a popular Android app with more than 23k 4+ ratings on PlayStore. 

It can detect who visited your Instagram profile, stopped following, and blocked you. Get instant notifications on all of them. InLog will help you to find fake or inactive followers. You can unfollow them right from the app to clean your Insta profile. 

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