How to Upload and Share Private Photos on Facebook (Step-By-Step)


There are several image hosting services where we can store private photos and share them with only those people relevant to you. But do you know that we can store such images on Facebook in the same way and hide them from other friends in the network?

Facebook is not designed just for chit-chatting and sharing status updates. Its possibilities are unlimited. From selling products to job search, strengthening relationships to crime investigations; the social network can be used in various ways.

In this post, we’re going to tell you how to upload private photos on Facebook and share them with the people close to your heart.

Uploading Private Photos on Facebook

Follow these steps to upload and share your private photos on Facebook. 

1. Visit Facebook and sign in to your account. Click your profile picture icon from the top navigation menu. Private-facebook

It will open your profile. 

2. Click Photos, followed by Albums on the main screen. Facebook-Private-photos

It will display all albums on your Facebook account. Tap the ‘+” option to create a new album. 

Now your screen will split into two. On the left pane, you will see an option to create a new album. By default, all people on your friend list can view your uploaded photos. 


Click Friends to change your privacy level. A box will overlay your current screen with the following privacy options, 

Public: Photos can be viewed by anyone even though they are not on your friend list

Friends: Photos can be viewed by your friends only

Friends except: Photos can be viewed by all your friends except some friends chosen

Only me: No one can view the photos other than you. Ideal for photo backups.

Specific Friends: Photos can be viewed by selected friends only

Custom: People from selected friend lists can view your photos

Select ‘Specific friends’ to share the album with your specific friends like your spouse, family, and close friends. Otherwise, select a friend list to share your album with them. If you just want to upload photos and not going to share them with others, choose the Only me option.  

On selection, you will be redirected to the previous screen. Enter a name for your album and upload photos. For instance, I named it My Private Photos

After uploading, you will get a screen like this.Facebook-private-album Add description for each photo if needed. But do not tag your friends on these photos. Otherwise, post visibility will be expanded to them. In such a situation, they and their friends can view your private images. Once again, confirm your album’s privacy status and post. 

3. Go to your timeline and your new album should appear there.


Even though photos appear on your profile, no one can view them except friends mentioned on your private album settings. You can also hide them from the timeline. Tap the three dots icon from the top right corner of your post and choose the ‘hide from the timeline’ option. 

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