‘Public Restroom Near Me’- 3 Ways to Find an Open Restroom Near to You

Are you traveling to a new place? Do you want to find the public restroom in the nearby area? 

Finding a toilet or bathroom is tricky. If you have the own vehicle, you can approach a gas station with restroom for fueling. Otherwise, eat at a restaurant where toilet facility is available.

These are the common ways to find open restrooms in an unfamiliar location. But now, you have advanced options to find a public restroom in any place. 

Restroom Near Me- 3 Best Tools

Let us check 3 best ways to find a toilet near to you,

  1. Google Search
  2. Google Maps
  3. Flush (iOS app)

Open Google search on your laptop or smartphone. Enter ‘restroom near me’ in the search box. A browser prompt will appear to access your current location. Allow.

If you are not getting any prompts, make sure that GPS is enabled on the device. Visit your shortcuts menu or settings to turn on the location tracking feature. 

Then, it will list all public restrooms in the place along with their timings. It helps you to know whether it is open or not. 


Click on Directions to view route and approximate time to reach there. 

Alternatively, Google Maps allows you to search for restrooms using location keywords. It is useful, especially if GPS is not working on your phone.

Open Google Maps and enter a search query like this, ‘restroom near Rockaway Beach, California’ to find restrooms in your current location.

The list will appear with photos and filter tags. Tap the Open now button to view restrooms that are currently open, and Top-rated to see high-quality restrooms.

Flush is another way to find toilets near you. It is a free iOS app available on AppleStore. Just open, and it will display public restrooms near to you. Flush work across major cities and travel attractions around the world. With the integration of the map, you can find easy ways to get there and learn about other facilities.

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