5 Mistakes That will Affect Your Instagram Marketing Campaign

Instagram Marketing Campaign

With more than 25 million business accounts on Instagram vying for the attention of consumers, brands can have a tough time building awareness and engagement for conversion to sales. Brands can also make their lives tougher by making inadvertent mistakes that prevent them from reaching their potential. Fortunately, many of the mistakes can be corrected with reasonably little effort to enable the brands to grow on Instagram.

Mistakes That Will Affect Your Instagram Marketing Campaign

Some common mistakes:

1. No engagement 

Even though Instagram has the best engagement rates among all social media, you cannot expect people to engage with your posts if the content is uninteresting, not relevant to their interests, and not presented attractively. It is not only important to put together a post with interesting and attractive content but also to engage with your followers. To grow your follower base, you should seek out relevant hashtags and search for Instagram users who are likely to be interested in you, and start engaging with them with perceptive comments that will tend to initiate conversations.

2. Incorrect Hashtag Use

Hashtags play a crucial role in Instagram marketing as they allow you to increase your reach and acquire new followers. By experimenting with the hashtags, you can find out which one sparks the most engagement. By understanding the reasons for this behavior, you will be able to refine your hashtag strategy; however, the focus on good quality content should not be diluted. Think about creating branded hashtags to increase the chances of reaching new audiences, getting Stormlikes and boosting website traffic generation.

3. Excessive Self-Promotion 

Many brands make the mistake of only promoting themselves and forgetting to entertain their followers, which is the reason why users follow you. When you are obsessed about only promoting yourself, it is very easy to become boring and you start looking desperate, which is a signal for Instagram users to unfollow you, according to https://www.impulsecreative.com. Instead of suffocating your target audience, you should focus on finding out what makes them tick and post appropriate content that they will find interesting and want to engage with.

4. Too Much Content Polishing 

It is a common assumption by brands that users want to always experience perfect contents that reflect their commitment to quality. However, studies have shown that users do not like polished content as much as authentic content that has elements that people find credible and real. While the content must be of high quality, overdoing it can hurt your credibility.

5. Buying Bot Engagement 

It can be tempting to invest a few dollars for thousands of likes and followers; however, these tactics are easily discernible by the users and reflect very poorly on your credibility. It is also certain that these bot-generated likes will never convert to sales so the wisdom of the tactic is questionable.


Building a large and loyal Instagram community requires commitment and a strategy that focuses on identifying and reaching out to the target audience with great content to spark off engagement. By avoiding common mistakes, you can maximize the reach and impact of your Instagram marketing efforts.

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