How to Hack Instagram Accounts- 7 Best Tools

Hack Instagram Accounts

Do you want to hack someone’s Instagram accounts to spy on their activities? 

Instagram hacking is a widely used method to view photos, videos, and private messages of others. In Google, you will see several legal or illegal tools in this category. They have different methods to breach Instagram security and collect requested details. Some of them will work, others are just fake. 

Probably, you may want to monitor the Instagram activities of your spouse or a private account. Otherwise, you are keen to get details of someone’s social media interactions. Whatever may be the reason, there is a way. 

Today, we list the 7 best Instagram hack tools in this post. They are legitimate and work like a charm. 

7 Best Apps to Hack Instagram Accounts

Let us get started,

1. SafeSpy


SafeSpy is one of the best apps to hack Instagram. It lets you track anyone’s social account anonymously. 

All you have to do is to install SafeSpy on your target mobile. The app will work in hidden mode so no one knows that they are being tracked. 

It provides full details on a private Instagram account including real-time conversations, searches, posts, and more. Most hacking tools work on rooting or jailbreak devices only. But SafeSpy is different from them. It seamlessly works across iOS and Android platforms to monitor user activities. 

SafeSpy is perfect for tracking phone calls, messages, locations, and other social media activities also. It is mainly designed as a parental control app. But many people use it to detect cheating spouses, view private messages or media files.  

2. Igmods


Igmods is a legitimate app to view private Instagram accounts. It is very easy to use. 

Visit the website and on the homepage, it displays various tools such as get your blue tick, free Instagram followers, free Instagram likes, and more. Choose View private account option from the list. On click, it will redirect you to another page. 

Enter the username of your target account in the text box and connect. Igmods will fetch data from Instagram servers and display them in a few moments. 

3. Instagram Hack


Instagram Hack is a 100% free tool to crack any Instagram account. It is useful to access photos, videos, messages, and friendlist on the photo-sharing site. 

Visit the website and enter the username of your target user. It will instantly connect to servers and ask you to confirm the account as next. Then, it will start loading the data. But you should complete a human verification to view files. 

4. Instagram Sniper


Instagram Sniper is another free way to hack Instagram. No download is required to view and download photos or videos from the account. 

Visit the website and enter a username to proceed. It will verify the account and fetch posts. Once the downloading process is finished, you can view posts made by the user. 

5. mSpy


mSpy is a popular app to hack Instagram accounts legally. It helps you to access sent and received messages, shared links on your target account. 

Install it on a mobile to start tracking user activities. mSpy can also monitor incoming and outgoing calls, sent and received messages, user locations, browsing history, and almost anything made through the device. 

If you want to read messages on leading messaging apps (Facebook, WhatsApp, iMessage, and more), it is also possible with mSpy. It works on both Android and iOS devices. 

6. Injectbox

Injectbox is a simple app to hack Instagram without a password. It works like other tools we already discussed. 

Visit their homepage and open the private Instagram viewer tool to begin spying. A new screen will open where you need to enter the username.

It will connect and let you know if it is a private account or not. Confirm the user and choose an unlocking method as next. There are two methods- Unlock the account or view photos. Choose one of them to access the content. It will take a maximum of one or two minutes to finish. Then, you will be able to view files. 

7. Ingramer


Ingramer is a great tool to browse Instagram anonymously. It allows you to view any public account on the social site without login. 

The app is extremely useful if you don’t have an Instagram account or you got blocked. Just enter the IG nickname and it will do the rest. 

Ingramer will bring feed posts, stories, and even account statistics of your target user in no time. It is truly unlimited and lets you search any number of accounts per day. Enjoy all their posts without disclosing your identity or creating an Instagram account. You can also download them if needed.

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