Top 10 Best Websites & Apps to Make Money Online in 2022


An approach to earn money online in today’s fast-forward world is one of the most talked-about topics these days. What’s the catch?

Aren’t we talking a little too unrealistic?

Don’t worry! We all had the same thoughts in the beginning but success comes with a solid foundation.

The Internet is fetching thousands of ways every day to make money by sitting in the comfort of your home through frequent apps and websites that work online.

So, take some time out of your bustling day, surf the internet like a pro, and there you are, with tons of – “I’m soon becoming rich ideas!”

Let’s make your hassle stress-free.

Put your IFs & Maybes aside and stay connected with us till the end of the blog to find out some websites and apps that pay for shopping, completing surveys, playing games, watching videos and, sharing pictures.

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How did we shortlist apps and websites that are rated highest among the rest?

Genuine apps & websites – With many scams tapping the internet online, trust was our top-most priority to keep your privacy safe and confidential.

Opportunities – Apps & websites that you see in this blog are good-to-go and have a handful of opportunities to earn good cash for you.

Good Payout – Obviously you are not going to do it for free, we all dream for good overheads. The sources mentioned below are well-known for their excellent payouts.

1.   Swagbucks

The title sounds funny but this site is worth making money from paid surveys. Swagbucks is in the business for over 12 years and they are registered with BBB too. Hence it is available on the web as well as on the app.

Well, taking paid surveys isn’t the only thing that makes Swagbucks differ from other competitors, but also users can be paid for things that are:

  • Explore the web online
  • Refer your friends about this website and earn additional SB
  • Watch videos in your spare time
  • Vote on daily polls
  • Participate in daily contests offered by Swagbucks on their social platforms
  • Shopping in malls from their app
  • Avail swag codes

2.   Rakuten

The name must haven’t given you an idea of what this app actually is. Have you ever came across Rakuten while surfing across the internet? Well, keep an eye next time when it comes to your feed.

Download this app on your smartphone and avail the offers whenever you’re making a big purchase for stuff like camera, house decor or any electronic item. Firstly, search for the best deals from thousands of retailers enlisted on Rakuten and choose your desired offer to get cashback on every purchase. Additionally, avail a $10 bonus on your sign up.

Rakuten has paid over $1 billion to its active members around the world and percentage can grow more in 2020.

3.   Survey To Earn

This online paid survey site is emerging every day in the money-making business. What else, Survey to Earn is one of the best!

Why do they stand out in the crowd?

It offers free sign up around the world. Additionally, they are not restricted to one country. Instead, they have more than 20 well-populated countries associated with them for taking online surveys and earn extra pocket money.

If we talk about how much money will you paid so the payout totally depends on how much time you are spending on taking surveys.

As soon as you complete a survey and send it back, you will be paid $0.25 for each survey you completed.

Along with a generous amount, you also get amazing gift vouchers and cards that are redeemable through Amazon or PayPal.

4.   Ibotta

You will love the Ibotta app because they offer a free $50 bonus on initial sign-up. Ibotta is user-friendly and convenient to operate. Every age can get familiar with this app and especially you ladies who love to go out for grocery shopping.

Let’s dig in on how to use this app.

Once you have downloaded Ibotta on your phone, keep it in your pocket and take it with you every time you go out for purchase.

Firstly, decide all the offers you are going to avail and at the time of checkout, calm them in the app and get cashback credits from the store.

5.   Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is one of the sites to claim that they have paid over $57 million of cash to their members for taking online surveys and performing other activities.

Besides filling surveys, you can also play games, print coupons and shop online. Top of all, a free sign-up will get you $5 instant.

Inbox Dollar works on cash basis so you don’t have to worry about converting your points into cash. Hence, you can easily make up to $30 monthly if you’re consistent.

6.   Fiverr

An awesome feast for all you freelancers out there. Fiverr is a well-known and popular site to earn money by utilizing your expertise and skills online.

All you have to do is, know what you’re probably good at.

But altogether every good comes with a little bad. Fiverr is not an instant money source but you can try your luck.

Firstly, update your gigs and start taking orders at fewer rates. Try dispatching your order as soon as possible to gain the trust of your customers.

Mostly freelancers on Fiverr make $5 per gig but you can definitely earn more. As a result, it can be your long-term plan if you stick to make money online.

7.   Shopkick

Read thoroughly about this app available on Android and iOS.

Shopkick will surely qualify as different amongst the rest apps.

On Shopkick, you’re not bound to purchase an item, here you can stalk barcodes online and still earn some cash.

There might be less earnings, obviously, because you’re not buying anything but this app won’t force you to shop.

Shopkick might take you a few weeks to understand it entirely because it works in many different ways.

8.   Slide Joy

If you are too lazy to do anything then this app is a perfect catch for you to do nothing.

After downloading this app on your android or iOS device, every time you turn your screen on, you’ll see an advertisement popup.

All you have to do is either swipe left to learn more about the news. Swipe up to view another ad or simply swipe right and don’t give a damn.

Don’t worry it won’t affect your earning in anyways.

The fact is clear, Slidejoy basically pays you for doing nothing but just swipe.

9.   Pact

Pact will grab your attention for earning money online if you are on your weight loss program because it pays you right for your fitness goals.

Download this app on your android or iOS and achieve your weekly health goals to track it on the Pact app and earn up to $5 weekly.

10. Toluna

Legitimate way to utilize your spare time.” Toluna is a market research app available on Android and iOS to complete surveys. This app stands out amongst the rest because you can quickly get your cash redeemed through PayPal and enjoy!

Along with taking paid surveys, you can create yours too. For example, prepare your own survey questionnaire for either market research or product review and earn bonus points.

Toluna has been rated one of the highest online money-making app in the crowd. Therefore, it is worth giving a shot!

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