18 Best IFTTT Applets for iPhone to Enhance Your Productivity


Need an IFTTT recipe to supercharge your iOS experience?

IFTTT helps you to manage digital life in several ways. It can automate various tasks relating to budgeting, smart home, social media, and others.

Today, we compiled a list of the 18 best IFTTT applets for iPhone and iPad.

Best IFTTT applets for iPhone and iPad

These are the best IFTTT applets for iOS devices.

1. Backup iOS photos to Dropbox

Photographs mean unforgettable memories of a user. Never allow them to lose. This applet will automatically backup your new iOS photos to your account in the cloud storage service, Dropbox.

2. Save iOS contacts to Google contacts

Earlier we had the habit of saving contacts in a diary or notebook. Now every smartphone user instantly stores them on the device. But what will you do if the phone itself damaged?

This applet will save your new iOS contacts to your Google contacts.

3. Backup your tagged Facebook photos to an iOS photo album

It will download photos you’re tagged in on Facebook and backup them to your iOS photo album. So you can view them anytime anywhere from iPhone and iPad.

4. Get tomorrow’s weather report

This is one of the popular IFTTT applets to add tomorrow’s weather report to your iOS calendar, every day at 6 pm or time of your choice. Thus it helps you to plan the next day’s outdoor activities in advance.

5. Know when an app’s price drops

Apps of various kinds are an essential part of a smartphone. They are useful for photography, shopping, task management, and so on. IFTTT will send you notifications when the price for a specific app drops.

6. Get a shopping reminder

IFTTT will create an iOS reminder when an item is added to your Amazon Alexa shopping list.

7. Upload iOS photos to Pinterest

Pinterest is a marvelous place for photography lovers. It is mainly using for sharing images and promoting related content.

Whenever you take a photo on your iPhone, this applet will add a new pin to your Pinterest board.

8. Create an iOS calendar event with voice command

IFTTT lets you create an event on your iOS calendar with a Google voice assistant command, followed by “Ok Google…………..” Add an event title, day and time you want the event to start. The applet will do the rest.

9. Track your sleep and go to bed early

It will work with both iOS and Fitbit fitness app. The latter will track your sleep and ask you to go bed early if low sleep level is detected. Thus it becomes a great recipe to manage your health and fitness.

10. Create an Evernote list with Siri and iOS Reminders app

This is one of the best IFTTT applets to improve your productivity and enhance team management. It helps you to create an Evernote reminder with Siri, add it to iOS Reminders app and get notified about upcoming personal as well as official tasks.

11. Backup iOS photos to Google Drive

It’s another recipe to backup your iPhone photos to the cloud. IFTTT automatically backups your new iOS photos to a folder in the Google Drive account. Photos are valuable assets and view them from anywhere with access to your Drive account.

12. Backup iOS contacts to Dropbox

Never lose a phone number or email address again. This applet will save your new iOS contacts to Dropbox automatically.

13. Track your work hours with IFTTT

Turn on this applet and enter your work location on the map. It will record your time of arrival, departure every time and lets you easily analyze how many hours do you spend at the office.

14. Start collecting NASA photos

Fill your iOS photo album with the beauty of space. NASA has a huge collection of those images and they publish one by one as an image of the day. This applet will automatically add them to your iOS album.

15. Know the exact date when you met a new contact

Each time you create a new iOS contact, the applet will add an event to Google Calendar and lets you know the date when you met or contacted the person first.

16. Know when you completed iOS Reminders

Just creation of reminders is not enough. It should be completed in time in an efficient and proper manner. The applet tracks a specific iOS Reminders list and logs the date and time of completion in Google Calendar.

17. Instagram to iOS photo album

Whenever you add Instagram photos from a specific area, they will be automatically uploaded to your iOS photo album as well.

18. iOS to Todoist

Each time you create an iOS reminder, it will add a new task on Todoist. Thus IFTTT ensures that you fulfill the tasks within the stipulated time, boost productivity which will finally result in smoothening your workflow.

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