The 15 Best IFTTT Applets for Gmail


IFTTT is a powerful tool to manage and automate several things in digital life. It helps us to keep a perfect balance between family and work by adopting modern technologies to easily finish the tasks.

We already explained how IFTTT is beneficial for your blogging and social media marketing activities. There are several manual actions involved in both the process. IFTTT will undertake and convert them into automated, reduce your workload, complete the tasks without any further intervention from your side.

In this article, we’ll share the 15 best IFTTT applets for Gmail users to supercharge their email experience.

Best IFTTT Applets for Gmail

This is our list,

1. Automatically save your email attachments to Google Drive

It is one of the popular IFTTT applets for Gmail. Our incoming email may contain attached files. We should download or manually save it to Google Drive to view the content. This recipe avoids such a situation. Whenever a new email comes in with an attachment in Gmail, the attached file will automatically be saved in a folder in Google Drive.

2. Get a notification for a specific email

Are you waiting for an important email? Just enter the email address of a specific person and you will get a notification through IFTTT app as soon as his/her email arrives in your inbox.

3. Automatically create reminders on your iPhone for starred emails

Do you want to get Gmail-related reminders on your iPhone? This recipe will create a new entry in the iOS reminders app when you start a new message in Gmail.

4. Get your to-do list by email

Do you want to see your to-do list now? Just ask Alexa,”what’s on my to-do list?” and receive your complete to-do list in an email.

5. Sync starred emails to Evernote

It is another best of IFTTT applets for Gmail users. Star any message in Gmail and save it along with the first attachment to Evernote. Each email will be saved as a new note in the app. Thus you can easily retrieve, read important messages even on the go and add them to your task list for future actions.

6. Get weather prediction in email

Inform your location to Weather Underground service and connect. If there’s a chance of raining in your area tomorrow, You will get a notification email in Gmail.

7. Find your lost phone

This applet is exclusively for people in the USA. Just connect your phone with IFTTT service to enable the function. Send an email to your Gmail with #lostphone in the subject or body, IFTTT will call your number to quickly locate the phone.

8. Automatically add a Gmail email to ToDoist

This is another excellent IFTTT applet for Gmail to quickly manage your projects. Just star a Gmail email and the task will be automatically added to ToDoist.

9. Keep a record of sent emails in Google Drive

One more brilliant recipe from Google. It will bring your record-keeping to the next level. Whenever you sent an email from Gmail, the applet will record the time sent, names and addresses sent to, subject, content and name of the first attachment to a spreadsheet in your Google Drive.

10. Automatically forward a specific email to up to 20 people

Enter a specific email address and when you receive a message from it, it will be forwarded to up to other 20 addresses. This applet is great for sharing travel info, receipts, family news, and other details that you want to share with a group of people.

11. Gmail to Trello

It is another easy to use IFTTT applets for Gmail and Trello. Whenever you assign labels to incoming emails, it will create new cards on Trello.

12. Let someone know you’re heading home

Most carriers allow you to text someone by emailing to a specific address and the same method works here. Turn on this applet, set your recipient email address, and quickly notify your spouse or others that you’re on the way home in a single tap.

13. Quickly email a photo

Do you want to quickly share some important photos with friends, family or yourself? Then, this recipe is for you. It lets you send photos to up to 20 recipients using the camera widget.

14. Email to Google Calendar event

Each time you receive an email with a specific label, it will add a new event in Google Calendar with the sender’s email address and subject.

15. Automatically schedule and send emails via Google Calendar

Create a Calendar event using a custom keyword or phrase and configure the applet with the said keyword. When the event is about to occur, the message you specified will be sent to up to five recipients you choose via Gmail.

Are you using any IFTTT applets for Gmail?

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