15 Best Google Chrome Security Extensions for Safe Browsing


Google Chrome is our favorite browser. It is easy to use and offers a wide range of possibilities when accessing websites. That’s why it dominates the world of browsers with 57.94% of the market share, as per the figures in January this year.

Hacking and spyware are the main threats we face on the internet. It is difficult for you to verify the authenticity of a site or understand what type of information they collect from your activities. Within a few seconds of visiting, cyber criminals can send phishing links to your system. Thanks to Chrome, for safeguarding your online activities in the form of default configurations and brilliant security extensions.

Best Chrome Security Extensions 2021

These are the best Google Chrome extensions for safe browsing.

1. Web of  Trust (WOT)


WOT is a popular Google Chrome security extension that will warn when you visit dangerous, malicious, phishing sites, and links. You can see their reputation score next to the search results- red indicates dangerous sites, yellow suspicious, and the green represents safe websites. So you can decide whether to move ahead or not.

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2. Adblock Plus


Block all annoying ads on the internet. Adblock Plus is an awesome Chrome extension to prevent all types of ads on your browser including those on YouTube, Facebook, and third-party tracking, malware, etc.

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3. HTTPS Everywhere


HTTPS is a secure communication protocol that guarantees safe browsing on connected sites. HTTPS Everywhere is one of our favorite Chrome security extensions which will convert your visiting websites automatically to https protocol. So no one can spy on your activities for account hijacking, identity theft, stealing personal data, etc.

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4. Disconnect


Disconnect is another useful extension for safe browsing. It will block invisible trackers on a website that is designed to collect your personal data. As a result of that, hackers can’t inject any kind of malware on your system for stealing and destruction.

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5. Blur


Blur ensures smarter, safer shopping on Google Chrome. It is not just a password manager for your browser. Then you may ask, what else it will do?

Blur will generate unique passwords for each site, saves, and encrypts them for later use. That’s all? Nope. It offers non-comparable security features by masking your credit cards and email address from hackers. So you can enjoy painless shopping and online registration if Blur is with you.

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6. Link Virus Checker

While browsing, we need to open some web links. How can you make sure that they are not infected by viruses, trojans, or other spyware?

Link virus checker is a powerful extension to help you in such situations. It will scan URLs using over 64 antivirus products and inform you whether the link is infected or not.

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7. Browsec VPN


Encryption is a proven technology to safeguard you online. Browsec is another tool for safe browsing, that divert you through the encrypted cloud network. It will hide the reallocation of the users from visiting websites and let them do anonymous browsing on whatever site they want.

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8. Parental Controls & Web Filter


This’s the best way to protect your children from adult-oriented sites. It will block millions of sites on pornography, gambling, violence, and other 20 categories according to your choice. But there’re lots of adult pages on social media sites. Is this tool work with them? Yes, of course. Its powerful algorithm will identify such pages and block them automatically even without your individual instructions.

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9. LastPass


LastPass is a great tool to protect your browsing and confidential data. The app works across the devices and securely stores your login credentials, credit cards, passport, and other auto-fill details for use online. All your details are protected with a master password and AES-256 bit encryption technology, so no one can open LastPass’s door without knowing the password.

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10. Ghostery


See who is tracking your browsing activities using Ghostery. It is a fantastic extension to analyze each website you visit.

A website may spy on you to find out your personal details and interests which help them to deliver more optimized content or ads. But any kind of tracking will slow down your browsing and page loading.

Ghostery will show whatever trackers are inserted on a website. So you can decide whether to stay on the page or leave.

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11. Click&Clean


Delete your entire browsing data with a single click. Click&Clean lets you clear all tracks, cache, cookies and other temporary files that remain in the browser. So no one can trace your surfing activities at a later moment.

Malware scan is another main advantage of the extension. It will scan the system for spyware and junk files using third-party tools to ensure your browsing is safer, smoother.

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12. Block site


Block site is one of the leading Chrome extensions for safe browsing. It allows you to block any site by URL, keyword, and other conditions you specified. Thus it will prevent your kids and family from accessing unwanted sites and redirecting them to predefined sites. When visiting a website, just right-click on the page to add it to your blacklist.

What will you do if anyone tries to visit a blocked site by uninstalling the extension? It’s not possible here, as you can secure Block site extension using a password. So others can’t Uninstall it without your permission for browsing blocked websites.

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13. Express VPN

Express VPN is a great extension to secure your online activities. It comes with DNS leak protection, location spoofing, and other security features to protect your sensitive information.

It prevents websites, third parties, and hackers from discovering your IP address and location. You can choose from 148 VPN server locations in 94 countries. It is easy to use, fast and lets you browse safely even on the public WiFi hotspots.

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14. Unshorten.link

We often receive shortened web links via emails, social media messages, and various other sources. Once clicked, they will redirect you to the original sites, and sometimes they may be malicious. Such visits will result in the leakage of your confidential information or virus attack on the computer.

This extension automatically expands the link, scans, and informs you whether the destination URL is safe to visit or not.

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15. Avast Online Security

Avast Online Security is a free extension for safe browsing that automatically checks every website you visit, identifies phishing sites, and automatically blocks them from stealing your data. It will also show website trust ratings in search engine results to let you know the nature of the links.

The users can quickly check the rating of a website by hovering over the extension and rate it by thumbs up or down to inform others about the website’s security.

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Which are your favorite Chrome extensions for safe browsing?

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